Saskatoon Folkfest-North Pavilions

AUG 16 - Day three of Saskatoon Folkfest saw the photography team visiting the North Pavilions on the map which were the RBC Global Village (Ethiopia, Ghana, Nepal, Pakistan and Sierra Leone) as well as Brazil, Chinese, Indian and Metis, Norway and Mesopotamia. We did it! 22 Pavilions in just under three days and all images shot and sorted into the three galleries we’ve posted on this site. A big thank you to Terri and Saskatoon Folkfest for having us out to shoot for the second year in a row, and thank you to all of the people that either stopped and posed for photos or came up to us to chat or ask us questions. We had a lot of fun and hope you enjoy reliving each moment from Saskatoon Folkfest 2015.

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